Selected Publications

Doing cryptanalysis on a small cluster built from 20 ODROID-C2 boards for under 1500 USD.
To appear in the proceedings of LATINCRYPT 2017, 2017

Recent Publications

. Solving LPN using Large Covering Codes. Master’s thesis, 2018.


. Implementing CAESAR candidate Prøst on ARM11. Student Undergraduate Research E-Journal!, Volume 1, 2015.

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. Implementing Prøst on ARM11. Bachelor’s thesis, 2015.

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The new TLS 1.3 standard [1] does not yet provide any support for post-quantum algorithms. In this blog post we’ll be talking about how we could negotiate a post-quantum key exchange using a (post-quantum) Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM). In the NIST Standardisation effort [2], many KEMs are currently under consideration.


I’m going to Cuba as my submission to Latincrypt 2017 was accepted! The paper is called Energy-efficient ARM64 Cluster with Cryptanalytic Applications: 80 cores that do not cost you an ARM and a leg. Visit the accompanying page to view the software. I’ll upload the paper once I’m done editing.



I have been involved as a teaching assistant in the following courses:

  • Functional Programming (2013-2017)
  • Operating Systems (2014-2017)
  • Object-Oriented Programming for Science students (2015)
  • Operating Systems Security (2016-2017)
  • Hacking in C (2018)