Prøst at Student Research Conference

In July, Peter Schwabe, who supervised my Bachelor’s thesis project, suggested to submit my work to the Student Research Conference. It then turned out that the deadline was the next day, so I had to work hard to convert 28 pages of thesis into a paper of 4 pages.

To my own suprise my paper was accepted for a poster presentation. It was very interesting and challenging to tell the people at the conference (which was at Tilburg University) about my research: I had a very technical story, and a lot of people in the humanities already are scared by the word “encryption”. Nevertheless it was a nice experience and I think I was able to get at least some things through to people.

I’ve updated my Prøst page with the published paper and the poster I presented.

Thom Wiggers
Thom Wiggers
Senior Cryptography Researcher

My research interests include (post-quantum) cryptography and protocols