Todoist, Omnifocus and Things 3 review

I’ve been playing with various task managers / personal life management tools. These are some of my notes and thoughts.

Todoist review


  • Filters (custom perspectives)
  • Smart task editor when adding tasks
  • Great web interface and decent mobile apps
  • Super flexible recurrence (“every third…”)


  • No review: discovering stale tasks is fairly low
  • No way of marking tasks as “ready” or “available” unless you go into filters and tags religiously
  • No postponing/deferring of tasks
  • No scheduling of tasks

Omnifocus review


  • Projects and subprojects
  • Tasks and subtasks
  • Deferring of tasks until date
  • “Waiting” tag to mark tasks as currently unavailable
  • Built-in Review
  • Custom perspectives (pro version)
  • Projects and tasks can be marked as “parallel” or “sequential” so that only one tag is “ready”
  • Possible to create views with tasks that are currently ready to pick up


  • Mac only
  • Pricy (10/m, 99/y or pricy app one-time purchases (major version upgrades extra))
  • No/crappy and expensive (subscription) web interface
    • edit: It works reasonably okay, it’s just not as slick in terms of UX as the competition’s
  • Not extremely flexible recurrence like Todoist
  • Interface is quite click-heavy (maybe I don’t know the shortcuts yet) – missing Todoist’s quick-entry with “@foo +foo due:date” inline
  • Tags are all the same colour
  • Edit: synchronizing between the various clients is quite slow. Sometimes it just breaks and you’re starting at the app for a few minutes.

Things review (Things on Mac)

I’ve not played with Things for as long. I’ve quickly realised that it’s mainly a lot like Todoist.


  • Simple and clean look
  • Areas and projects (which are tasks)
  • Subtasks
  • Scheduling ability


  • Mac only
  • No web interface
  • Pricy (desktop: 50, ipad: 20, iphone: 10)
  • No deferring of tasks
  • No blocking of tasks as “unavailable”
  • No review option built-in
  • No subprojects; projects are intended to be completable
  • No custom perspectives / filters
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